Alternative Town Hall

Friday June 2, 5:30 – 7:30p @ Miller Park

Political Art Open Mic
Part of the WY Statewide Day of Action
Open to All Concerned Constituents 

JH ACTivate hosts an Alternative Town Hall as one event in Wyoming’s statewide day of action. You’re invited to express your concerns with comments or with an artistic twist.  The event will combine the traditional town hall forum with the spontaneity and expressive nature of an open mic or talent show.

A sign up sheet will be available before the event.  Individuals or groups presenting songs, skits, poems, presentations of visual art or comedy sketches (or whatever!) will be allowed a 3-minute spot. Rumors of a “Die-In” skit have circulated. Beloved local musicians have expressed interest and commitment. It will be a pithy and satisfying evening of politically motivated art.

For the quieter activists, an opportunity to post a concern to missing Members of Congress will be available. Attendees will be directed toward the ORIGINAL (and now famous) “Heads” by Greta Gretzinger, where sticky notes will be available for them to write their comments and attach to the “Heads.”  Since the wildly successful Town Hall in Jackson on 24 February 2017, the “Heads” have enjoyed a 3-week stint at Elevated Grounds Coffeehouse in Wilson WY where they collected scores of sticky-note comments from the public.

The “Heads,” which have come to symbolize the fact that the Representatives have been consistently missing, have become so popular that they will be used as memes in every community across Wyoming.

Representations of the Representatives by Greta Gretzinger will be used as memes in every community across the state. 

All of the Members of Congress have been invited to attend, as they have been to every event . Enzi and Barrasso have declined to attend, while Cheney has not responded to the invite.

RSVP to the Jackson Alternative Town Hall here. Costumes, creativity, song, dance, art and free speech of all kinds are encouraged, but we kindly ask for respect and civility. No name calling, hate speech, or profanity, please.

Lite Refreshments, Music by Jessie Lestitian.


The Jackson event is one among many events statewide hosted on the same day in conjunction with

On June 2, concerned constituents across the state of Wyoming will gather on the same day to demand that our public officials be accountable to all constituents in the state.  Community groups have created a Statewide Day of Action to highlight the fact that our US Congressional Delegation: Members of communities all across Wyoming are complaining that Senator John Barrasso, Senator Mike Enzi, and Congressman Liz Cheney have not held any town hall meetings or other events open to the public. Our officials represent all of us. It is their job to offer public forums while in the state during district work periods, so all citizens have the chance to ask the delegation about their votes.  Recess periods when the legislature is not meeting are designed for the representatives to go home to their districts and meet with constituents.  While the Wyoming delegation has indeed come home, they are attending expensive fundraisers, meeting only with prearranged audiences, and posting photo ops on their Facebook pages, but they are not accessible to the public.

In order to accomodate the busy schedule of the Wyoming members of Congress, activists groups are organizing town halls across Wyoming, so that no matter where the Senators and Representative happen to be, there is likely to be a convenient town hall nearby. At current,  Laramie, Cheyenne. Casper, Star Valley, Wheatland, Lander/Riverton, Pinedale all have open events scheduled in conjunction with the Statewide Action Day.  See the latest on WY community events here. 

As of this writing no member of Congress will be in attendance at any of the town halls across the state.